Symantec Endpoint Protection provides intelligent multiple layers of protection. It is effectively protects against targeted threats and attacks.

Symantec is one of the largest global software companies in the world providing content and network security software to individual consumers and businesses.  Its products includes Endpoint Security, Email Security, Data Loss Prevention and SSL Certificates.


Symantec Endpoint Protection are designed to provide protection against advanced threats and provides powerful backed protection which leads to security intelligence.

• It stops most threats before they can take up residence on the machine.

• Detects rapidly mutating malware and zero - day threats.

• SONAR behavioural analysis stops malicious files.

• Strong antivirus, anti spyware and firewall protection destroys known mass malware.

• It controls monitors and controls applications behaviour, including automated system lockdown.

• The program restricts and enables access to the hardware that can be used to protect and increase productivity.

• It detects unauthorized change, conducts damage assessment and ensures that endpoints are protected and compliant.

• Symantec Endpoint Protection provides multiple layers of protection through a single management across physical and virtual systems.


Five layers of Protection:

Symantec Endpoint Protection 14 provides 5 layers of protection:

1. Network – threat protection analyses incoming data and blocks threats before hitting endpoints.      Rules – based firewall and browser protection protects against web – based attacks.

2. File – signature – based antivirus and advanced file heuristics scans and destroys malware that contains viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, bots, adware, and rootkits.

3. Reputation – Symantec unique Insight tens of billions of linkages between users, files, and websites which detects rapidly mutating threats. It analyses and accurately identifies whether the file is good or bad and assign a reputation score. It effectively protects against targeted attacks while reducing scan overhead by up to 70%.

4. Behaviour – SONAR effectively stops new and unknown threats by monitoring nearly 1,400 file behaviours.

5. Repair – Power Eraser aggressively scans infected endpoints to located advanced threats and remove persistent malware. There is a remote support which enables the administrator to trigger the Power Eraser scan and remedy the infection remotely.


Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud

Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud is an industry-leading security as a service that is always up-to-date, easy to manage, and offers advanced protection for users anywhere. It has a single console for endpoint protection, management, mobility, and encryption and sets up in under 5 minutes. The cloud-based solution does not require dedicated IT resources and has a low total cost of ownership.

Intelligent Protection for the Next Generation of Threats

Block emerging threats, ransomware, and zero-day attacks with the same best-in-class security
4 used to protect large enterprises.
• Blocks unknown threats with advanced machine learning and other proven intelligent protection techniques.
• Protects against ransomware and zero-day attacks in real time with Symantec's global intelligence across 200 million
control points.
• Identifies files by reputation, looking for constantly changing code with Insight™.
• Monitors application behavior in real time and blocks files with suspicious behavior with SONAR™.
• Protects Android devices from malware and provides ability to remotely wipe a device.
• Reduces risk associated with use of external USB devices by disabling them completely or enforcing read-only mode

Ready to Protect Users in Under 5 Minutes
Quick to deploy, easy to manage, and secures users and all of their devices in just minutes.

To view how quick it is to deploy, please see the video here: